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The Origins of RainbowCake
Rainbow Cake is a name of sponge cake that consists of several layers of color which imitating the rainbow colors.

HISTORY OF RAINBOW CAKE, August 19, 2009 (the date which came up from our research results)
History of the emergence of a rainbow cake can not be separated from the name Kaithlin Flannery, an American woman who has high passion in the field of writing, photography and cooking. Initially she made ​​rainbow cake for a friend's farewell party who will move to another city. The idea is to make dishes such as something that her friend liked it. Kaithlin knew that her friend was very happy with rainbows and lemon taste. From there Kaithlin thought of an idea to bake a cake which when it cutted will appear colorful rainbow in it and spreads also lemon aroma.

After that unforgettable farewell party, then Kaithlin wrote in her blog about the part of time. The uniqueness of the flavor and appearance of the cake which very colorful and lively discussion became popular in social networking conversations.

The story finally reached to Martha Stewart
ears, host of a well known cooking program on American TV. Martha invites Kaithlin to came to her show by showing how to make a Rainbow Cake. Then Martha share the rainbow cake recipe on his official website: here.
Simple explanation for rainbow cake can see here.

Rainbow Cake Oreo Cream


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